International transport

Thanks to not only our fleet but also experience and commitment, we can handle orders for routes to most European countries.


In our offer, you will find various types of packaging used and useful in industrial and household use.


Our activities are aimed at offering you the widest range of our products. For this reason, transport and production of packaging became the axis of our Folstrecz company of packaging for industrial use.

Development of transport

Transport is our second activity. We started it in 2013 ,and today we have managed to develop it in such a way as to be able to operate many production plants and companies from the industrial sector throughout Europe.

It is worth to mention that we started with three cars that were riding around Poland and sometimes did work for external contracting parties. Today we can offer you 18 cars up to 3.5 tons and modern logistics solutions.

What we do first

However, the heart of our company is various types of packaging and solutions for packing, such as stretch films (you can find our offer here - check it out!) or our NMC protective profiles. From the beginning, we guarantee you that the products will be of high quality and exactly as we describe them.

To change for the better, we have created a modern production hall and a comprehensive, comfortable office building. This will cause that our products will not only be delivered to you faster but that soon our product range will continue to expand.